I just got a little more than 1000 views from a vendor on fiverr for $6. Now, it wasn’t for this channel. I simply wanted to see how “real” these services are. You can …


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  1. If you want to promote your channel why not use Google AdWords? It is easy to set up a campaign to promote your videos. Best of all, you are in full control, and you Google gives you all the metrics. If you want I can make a tutorial about it, "How to buy YouTube Views like a pro". Honestly, even the professional marketing agencies make mistakes all the time. After all, they don't spend their own money, they just run the campaigns for fortune 500 companies. Trust me, I talked to a senior employee at one of those companies, in my opinion, they don't have a clue. That's why they hire an agency in the first place.

  2. Obviously I can't speak for Fiverr as a whole but you need to notice where the sellers are based. Most of the podcast promotion people who you can pay to bump you to the top in category on iTunes are in Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. I have seen their services work, in that they do get you ranked, for the length of time you pay for, but the freefall off the charts thereafter is vertical. With YouTube my experience has been that the people offering promotional services for videos or subs isn't much better. One time I tested one seller out and while there were some small subscriber gains overall, after he "completed" the project and I approved it (because the numbers were there) I lost 44 subs in a matter of hours. This is similar to the results you used to get using the now-banned sub-for-sub apps on the iOS store. The moral of the story: the average person cannot cut corners to get subscribers on your channel or listeners on your podcast. Grow your content organically and hope for the best. Do your own promotion within your tribe on social media and capitalize on the real relationships you have with people to get your "boost". 1000 more sub "bots" from remote countries of the world is not impressive and does not make one an "influencer". Therefore, save your money. Fiver charges $2 transaction fees on every purchase you make so those little $5 and $10 tests you run are really $7 and $12 and get you nothing other than a false self-esteem boost for a day or two. The amount of CPM you need for one of your videos on YouTube to counter these expenditures is massive, so stop spending dollars to make pennies.

  3. You have to be careful with bought traffic. I see tons of videos about traffic but when I see 10 dollars for 1000 visits. That seems impossible … I can also get traffic to you from USA Canada or UK but for 1000 visits I need probably 200$ not 10 …

  4. I've been wondering how engagement is recorded when we watch at different speeds. If I watch videos at 2x speed to get the same information in half the time, I'm still watching the video all the way through, so that would still be good for the Youtuber, yes?

  5. Thanks a lot for the Tip. Really helps, I also had a doubt about the Fiverr services for the YT Promotion since they can just give you views from any sources that are not related to your topic or niche. To be on the safe side, if you really wanted to buy more views and subs, just simple ask Google, Adwords for YouTube is the best place since you can choose your targeted audience and country.

  6. Thanks for the info…I really learned some stuff there…had no idea about these services. I loved your creative touches in your video, the cutouts and coins on the table, etc. The chop edits were distracting. I know it's a thing, but it actually makes the message hard to follow. I finally had to give up a couple minutes from the end.

  7. 6:45 you know, go to fu**ing hell! Watch your language!

    – you have electricity people of Serbia (Nikola Tesla),
    – you're able to fly because of Romanians (Henri Coanda, Traian Vuia) + 3D cinema, Insulin and bridges
    – you're dressed from Vietnam/Thailand/Taiwan factories,
    – Poland -> Bulletproof vest, Toothpaste, Mini-computer.
    and I can continue.


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