6 BEST Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online


What tools should you be using on your website to market your business? Today Neil shares his six favorite digital marketing tools. ▻▻Subscribe here to learn …


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  1. Hello Neil, I'm 50 years old and trying to bring my local masonry business into the 21st century. I insist on learning to market correctly online myself for many reasons. I'm into my 2nd week watching your videos and I literally would not have been able to begin without your help. Thank you very much for all you share publicly. Because I do not sell anything online, YET! That will happen with my next business as soon as I learn how to better use digital marketing & WordPress. How can I generate local leads online? Do you recommend I spend money with Google Partner, Houzz or Home Advisor or can I get the job done myself as a newbie marketer? I believe the ROI will not pay off with advertisers and it is up to me to get the job done.

  2. Hi! I have been watching all of your videos and reading all of your blogs for a long time, and finally launched my third blog in January. This blog, as opposed to the others, is actually seeing some traffic, but I believe that may be in part to my dedication to it. I average around a few hundred page views per day. I know that’s small, but it makes me happy, but sometimes, my traffic will dip to less than 100 page views for a few days at a time. Do you have any idea why this might be and how to prevent it? Thanks in advance.

  3. In this changing environment, we need to update ourselves, I still believe, instead of making own website we need to Use amazon etc websites and start seling , I think individual website without proper traffic is dead business

  4. I found out that you reply every comments that I wrote. How do you find time to reply every one? For so many subscriber and every video…
    How to make this possible?

  5. Thank you Neil! I'm VERY green to digital marketing and just launched a unique product, while overspending on FB ads and Amazon PPC… to the poor house – no profits 🙁 . I'm going to use your tips to grow – the right way. So next year, I can hire your company to grow to 8 figures. THANKS!

  6. Nei Patel gracias por todos tus comentarios. Cuanto debemos conocer sobre Google y la integración de nuestro sitio para poder aplicar estas herramientas? Por ejemplo yo revisé Google Analytics, como hago para controlar mi sitio con G.A.?

  7. When you talk about Content Clusters, you say your "pillar page" links to the subtopics, but I thought it should be the contraire, and be the subtopics the ones that link the pillar page to "show google" which is the "main page". I've had very good results with that, but now I wonder if I'm not doing it correctly and could be missing even better results? Thanks Neil, your videos are always very valuable.


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